Gaywood Valley Archaeological & Historical Project


Fieldwalking is a name given to activities of two types. First there is the survey of recently ploughed field to see what artifacts have been exposed during ploughing. These might be valuable coins of jewellry but much more likely they will be shards of broken pottery or fragments of stone that have been used as tools by our ancestors. It is important to record not only what is found but also its precise location as this can give clues as to what lies under the surface of the soil below where the plough has reached.

The second type of field walking is carried out using scientific instuments that can detect features below the soil. The most common of these4 is the metal detector, which is able to find metal items below the surface and is not limited to just ploughed fields.

Great Massingham Fieldwalking

This sketch shows the field walking grid for the investigation carried out by field-walkers on Sunday 14th April. Each of the squares was fieldwalked separately and any finds bagged and labelled. There were two groups of six walkers who carried out the study and each square was walked for 10 minutes.

Walkers were from King's Lynn & West Norfolk Archaeology Society and members of the public from the local Gaywood Valley community.

Training was provided by archaeologists from the Historical Environment Service at Gressinghall Link Here

West Norfolk &
Kings Lynn
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