Gaywood Valley Archaeological & Historical Project

Standing Buildings Survey

Standing Buildings survey looks at existing features in the landscape (mainly the buildings) and attempts to learn as much about them as possible by looking at their exposed parts. By looking at the style and materials used it is possible to estimate dates when the building or feature was built and perhaps trace the history of modifications over time.

The Gaywood valley is an argicultural area, with the exception of urban King's Lynn and suburban Gaywood.

The eastern part - Little Massingham, Great Massingham and parts of Gayton, is a largescape of large estates. Congham, Grimston and Roydon are scatted settlements with considerable greenside development. the ramaining villages - Bawsey, Leziate, Mintlyn, ashwicken, Welle and western Gayton - are areas of deserted or severely contracted development.

Standing Buildings fall into four groups:-

  • Public Buildings - Churches, chapels, clocktower, workhouse etc.
  • Farms - Houses, barns and outbuildings.
  • Workers Cottages
  • Modern Buildings - Domectic housing and commercial buildings

The group would like to involve to local communities as much as possible with this project and it is planned that this will include:-

  • Walks round the villages
  • Photographic surveys
  • Identification of building materials
  • Measuring and recording specific buildings
  • Documentary research
  • Talks to the community and feedback of findings
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