This project is dedicated to the people of England and beyond whose lives were touched, often tragically, by the events of the Great War.

It aims to investigate, using oral history, archaeology and historic archives, the effects of the War on the local community in West Norfolk and to record these for the future. The aim is to inform and inspire future generations to learn lessons from the successes, failures and achievements of the generation that lived through those tragic events.

Project Conclusion

This project is now complete and Dr Bond has written a report summarising the timeline of the project and the many events that were carried out by the Archaeological Society and the community groups involved. The report is available on-line HERE
Events: January 2015
Photographs from the events of the Commemerations week can be seen under results HERE

The programme of events that took place to commemorate the Raid on King's Lynn is HERE The town Council can be seen also organised a Light Show on Monday 19th Jan to mark the anniversary of the Raids See HERE

Zepplin Week and the Society has even made the national news, with our Chairman, Dr Clive Bond giving interviews on the main TV channels. More details Here

Some Activities

A company of the Norfolk Regt about the time of the Great War

Initially the project be looking at the evidence of the attack by a zeppelin in Lynn in January 1915, and also looking at the way RFC squadrons were used to defend the skies and local towns, including King's Lynn. Historical documents, oral histories, artefacts and sites, (e.g. the Landing Group site at Tydd St Mary, Lincs.), will be studied and surveyed, from autumn into next year. The group will also be working on a school project which will include a game on zeppelin and RFC defence.

This project aims to empower local people - older people, families, school children, to be involved investigating and recording the ways in which King's Lynn and the local population was involved in the Great War. This will include the recording the remains of this landing ground, together with exploring the history of the Lynn streets which were bombed in 1915: the Docks; Albert Street; Bentinck Street; Creswell Street; East Street. Archives, both local and national (Town Corporation Minutes; maps; eye-witness accounts; newspapers; pictures), artefacts from the time (bits of zeppelin, bombs, shrapnel, aircraft-related debris, etc) and streets/buildings will be explored.

We will also be working with other local groups such as:-

There is an eye-witness account of the raid on King's Lynn on the BBC Website BBC Report and another story HERE with film from East Anglian Film Archive.

You may be interested in how other 'local' heritage groups are celebrating this important anniversary. In Lincolshire you will be able to see the exhibitions that they have already been uploaded: HERE. They also have a list of useful resources HERE

The project is being carried out by the West Norfolk & King's Lynn Archaeological Society with funding from Norfolk Community Foundation who have awarded us £2,000 towards the project.

The project aims to:-