These are the people who will be supporting the public with the archaeological investigations.

Dr Clive Bond

Project Director and Chairman of the West Norfolk & King's Lynn Achaeological Society

Dr Clive Bond

Dr Bond is a fully trained archaeologist who has carried out research mainly in West Norfolk and the West Country and who is a Visiting Research Fellow, at The University of Winchester. His MA research centered locally on the Wissey landscape history and archaeology while his docorial thesis was on the prehistory of the Somerset Levels. He and his family live locally and are closely involved in the community within King's Lynn.

In 2013 Dr Bond organised and ran a project to investigate the history and pre-history of the Gaywood Valley.

His family lost one of their number when Sidney Herbert Bond, Boy 1st Class, 17 years of age, died on H.M.S. 'Bulwark' on 26/11/1914, when the ship exploded at 7.45, off Sheerness on that date. Only 12 men were saved.

Fiona Lister

Fiona Lister

FIONA LISTER - Project Officer

Fiona was born and educated in Norfolk, as a school girl she spent several seasons volunteering at Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project (S.H.A.R.P), which inspired her to study Archaeology at university level. Fiona obtained her Bachelors of Arts in Archaeology from The University of Winchester where she researched European monastic architecture closely followed by a Masters of Arts in Social Archaeology from the University of Southampton, where she specialised in the religious practices of the Late Bronze Age to Middle Iron Age Europe.

Fiona can be found most summers excavating on the Scottish World Heritage Site, The 'Ness of Brodgar' where as a postgraduate student in Archaeological Practice she developed an interest for recent conflict archaeology. Fiona has more recently participated in an expedition to North Sudan with the British Museum where she hopes to return this winterů

Louisa Rooks

Louisa is a local archaeologist who knows the area and has had experience working with the local archaeology society on the Gaywood Valley project. She also contributed to the presentation event where she analysed the wealth of animal bones unearthed as part of WNKLAS's excavations.

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