This page links to the results of the activities carried out as part of this project.

Tydd St Mary, Landing Ground

This is the site of one of the eariest landing grounds in Norfolk and was the subject of a survey in conjunction with the local ATC cadets. A report by Fiona Lister can be seen HERE

Zepplin Raid on Kings Lynn

A excellent piece of reseach by WNKLAS society member Louisa's Rooks, which examines the detailed timeline for the raid on King's Lynn on 19th January 1915. In addition there are a number of archive photos from local papers of the time that describe the people and events of that fateful day.

The article is very useful in exploring the detailed chronology of the raid and the great part that chance played in the events of that day.

Information about the raid can be found here.

A map of the raid can also be found on the Gorleston & Great Yarmouth History website Here

Raid Cross

Attached is a report by Alexandra Lee (Lally), Society Member on the study of the shrapnel cross, made from zeppelin bomb fragments, dropped on Lynn on 19th Jan 1915. Lally went to Lynn Museum and studied the artefact, a sort of 'trench art' piece and researched the history. Text and images of the shrapnel piece and wood panel are attached.

The primary research at for the cross was carried out at the local Norfolk Museum Service Museum

Further information about the cross can be found here.

Images from Events

Some photos from local archaeology and from the rememberance events can be seen by clicking on the images below:

Tydd St. Mary - Landing Field

Click to view Tydd St Mary Landing Field files & images

Click to view Tydd St Mary Finds Processing images

Click to view Tydd St Mary - Preliminary Analysis

Great Aerodrome at Narborough

Click to view Narborough Museum Research

Click to view Narborough - Preliminary Analysis

Click to view Narborough - Graveyard Survey

Rememberance Events

War Graves and Candle

Town Hall Rememberance Evening plus Custom House (22 Jan 2015)

Lynn Museum Display and WW1 Poetry Reading

Zeppelin Conference in Marriot's Warehouse (25th Jan 2015)